Sam Stewart

Dave's Son appears on New York Hustle from the Alfie Soundtrack

Vocals/Lead guitar: Sam Stewart Will and I have been playing in bands together since we were eleven. In that sense, our musical abilities and tastes have matured in pretty much the same ways. I play guitar and therefore I like mostly guitar based bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Queens Of The Stone Age. I think I have developed my own style of playing and writing music. It’s my favourite thing in the world to do so I spend a lot of time doing it. I started playing guitar when I was about twelve I picked it up quite quickly just from listening to Nirvana songs and trying to imitate them. My first guitar I ever got was a Gibson SG-X, which I still use mainly apart from my Ibanez S-Series which sounds great but doesn’t look as cool. I had a seven-string for a while but it’s shit. I was born in Los Angeles, California but I’m not very American at all. I have lived in London for about twelve years so I love it more than any other city I’ve been to.

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