Roger Powell

The Action were formed in north London in 1963. Reg King - vocals, Alan King - rhythm guitar, Mike Evans - bass, Roger Powell - drums and Pete Watson - lead guitar. Allied to the mod movement in the same way that The Small Faces and The Who were, The Action didn't follow the R 'n B and Rock and Roll route. They stuck with their first love which was the Tamla and burgeoning soul sound. Undoubtedly the most expert British exponents of white soul by far, they were good enough to attract The Beatles' producer George Martin and together they created some marvellous material. Popular on the club circuit, they nevertheless didn't manage to achieve chart success with any of their five singles releases and emerged from the sixties as another cult band. With influential supporters such as Phil Collins and Paul Weller these days remarking that The Action are their favourite band of all time, it is evident that, once again, the cruel musical lottery has dealt another blow for talent. I recommend that you get yourself a copy of their material if you haven't already and see what most of us missed the first time around. Their music is breathtaking and stands up incredibly well today. Still performing today with the original line-up and also hosting a web site and writing a book on their experiences, The Action are very much still a force to be reckoned with.

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