Robin Davey

Bass Guitar on Alfie Soundtrack

Brit band The Davey Brothers are heading into London's Leicester Square tonight (Tuesday) for the premiere of 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life' after their track 'Heart Go Faster' was chosen to end the movie. They went to the massive world premiere which was held in LA last month, but they didn't find out they were going until they got a call telling them a limo was on the way: "It was a huge premiere you know, the moment we stepped out of the limo they had our song blasting over the sound system which was amazing you know - an experience like that…it's just great." "We were sitting next to Oliver Stone and Colin Farrell, so we had quite good seats, I don't know how they pulled that one! It was quite fun..." The 'Tomb Raider' movie hits screens on Thursday and 'Heart Go Faster' is released on Monday.

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