Richie Ramone

Drummer with the Ramones credited on the Dave Stewart produced track Howling At The Moon.

Richard Reinhardt is an American drummer best known by his stage name Richie Ramone, and for being the drummer for the punk band the Ramones, from February 1983 until August 1987. Richie was the only drummer to sing lead vocals on Ramones songs, including "Can’t Say Anything Nice". Richie performed over 500 shows with the Ramones all over the world, including South America, where rabid Richie fans held up signs proclaiming "Richie" and "Drink". Richie left the band abruptly in August 1987, he quit after Johnny Ramone refused to evenly share the money from T-shirt sales with him. Subsequently, Richie worked on some of Dee Dee's solo recordings.

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