Ray Russell

RAY RUSSELL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Biography Bands/Discography: John Barry Seven Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Mike Gibbs (Band) Mike Gibbs (1970, Deram) (CD reissue: Deram, 1999) Rock Workshop Rock Workshop (1970, CBS) The very last time (1971, CBS) Nucleus Running Man Running Man (1972, Neon) (CD reissue: Akarma, Jul 2000) Gary Windo Quartet Graham Bond Mouse Lady killer (1973, Sovereign) Chopyn Grand slam (1975, Jet) Harry Beckett's Joy Unlimited Joy Unlimited (1975, Cadillac) Memories of Bacares (1976, Ogun) Rock Follies Mackay/Russell/Stevens/Chatton/Van Hooke lineup: Rock follies (May 76, ) Stackridge Smith & D'Abo Smith & D'Abo (Oct 76, CBS) Rock Follies Mackay/Russell/Stevens/Parren/Van Hooke lineup: Rock Follies of 77 (Aug 77, ) (CD reissue: 2000, Riff, with 1 bonus track) (Frankie Miller's) Full House Double trouble (Apr 78, Chrysalis) (CD reissue: Repertoire) Aleksander John Greenbelt live! (1979, Marshall) (collective live) VV.AA. / The Secret Police (The Secret Policeman's Concert, 1982 - live, with Jeff Beck, Neil Murray, Eric Clapton, Ray Russell, Mo Foster, Simon Phillips, Mel Collins, Micky Moody) The British Orchestra The British Orchestra (Mole Jazz) (live) (CD reissue: TAA, with 3 bonus tracks) RMS Centennial park (1988, ) Gil Evans with RMS Take me to the sun (1990, LCM) Time (musical cast) Ray Russell Band This Side Up Protocol Simon Phillips Band different lineups: Symbiosis (1995, Lipstick) Another lifetime (1997, Lipstick) Simon Phillips (, DCI) (instructional video / book+CD) Simon Phillips returns (1992, DCI) (instructional video / book+CD) Mo Foster Acoustic Band Time to think (2000, ) Simon Phillips & Band Tommy Eyre Benefit Band ("A little help from my friends" band) Solo albums: Turn circle (1968, CBS) Dragon hill (1969, CBS) (as Ray Russell Quartet) Rites & rituals (1971, CBS) June 11th 1971: live at the ICA (1971, RCA) (reissued as a 2CD as Live at the I.C.A./Retrospective) Secret asylum (1973, Black Lion) Ready or not (1977, DJM) Childscape (Sep 94, B&W/Theta) (aka Why not now) Live at the I.C.A./Retrospective (Feb 2000, Moikai) (2CD, part live) A table near the band (1990, ) (CD reissue: Last Chance) Library albums: Master format (, MLC) Reflections (Nov 87, Music House) Impressions (Nov 87, Music House) Illusions (Nov 87, Music House) Hi-band (Nov 87, Music House) First frame (Nov 87, Music House) Megabyte (Nov 87, Music House) Momentus (Nov 87, Music House) Orchestral impact (Feb 89, Music House) Video friendly 1 (Sep 89, Music House) Video friendly 3 (Sep 89, Music House) Goldrush (Nov 89, Music House) Strangescape (Jul 90, Music House) Spectacle (1991, Music House) Jazz FM (1991, Music House) Energy (1991, Music House) Rock guitar (Mar 91, Music House) Villain (May 91, Music House) Spectacle (Jan 92, Music House) Shorty 1 (Sep 92, Music House) Energy (Sep 92, Music House) Shorty 2 (Oct 92, Music House) The blues album (Mar 93, FirstCom) Promotions (Sep 93, FirstCom) Rainmakers (Sep 93, FirstCom) Dangerous games (Sep 93, Music House) Dramatic atmospheres I (Sep 94, FirstCom) Big scores (Dec 94, FirstCom) The corporate edge (Dec 94, FirstCom) Television today, vol. 3 (Mar 95, Music House) Leisure time (Sep 95, FirstCom) Promos and trailers, vol. 2 (Sep 95, Music House) The entertainment album (Dec 95, FirstCom) Pastimes (Dec 95, FirstCom) The news album (Jul 96, FirstCom) The comedy album (Jul 96, FirstCom) Feature first (Dec 96, FirstCom) Epic orchestra (Mar 97, FirstCom) Tone and textures (Jul 97, FirstCom) Atmospheric journeys (Jul 97, FirstCom) Dramatic rhythms (Dec 97, FirstCom) The big picture (Dec 97, FirstCom) Phusion (Aug 98, FirstCom) (with Simon Phillips) Jingles, bumpers and donuts (Oct 88, Musi

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