Mike Stevens

Musical Director on Annie's solo tours

MIKE STEVENS is a talented British sax and keyboard player who scored in the Top 20 of America’s Jazz/Crossover chart with his two RCA/Novus albums Light Up The Night and Set The Spirit Free. Now signed to Dome Records, Mike’s album Joy features guest vocals by such artists as Meli’sa Morgan and Juliet Roberts. Among tracks on the album are the Teddy Pendergrass song Joy and a cover of Alphonse Mouzon’s Jean Pierre. In addition to his activities as a recording artist, Mike is a producer of R&B and dance acts, and is one of the principals of Junction 14 Records, a label distributed by Dome. Until they split up, he was also musical director for Britain’s leading teen act Take That and composed three of the tunes featured in their live set, touring Europe, Japan, Australia, the Far East and the US with the band. The album was released in early 1998 in the US on the Malaco Jazz label.

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