Michael Kamen

Michael Kaemn was the go to man for Daveand Annie when they needed an orchestral arrangement or an orchestra for any of their music. Playing across several Eurythmics albums and Dave Stewart's solo albums, Michaels sound always made a huge contribution to Eurythmics music.

Born in New York City on April 15th 1948 and died in London 2003. Michael showed musical talent from infancy, and played and sang everything from bluegrass to Bach while attending New York's High School of Music and Art. Kamen's early creative work centered on ballet (he has written ten so far), but he expanded into Hollywood with his score for The Next Man in 1976, and into pop and rock arranging three years later when he collaborated with Pink Floyd on their album The Wall. He has since established himself among the leading film composers, with scores for over seventy movies and television shows - including the Lethal Weapon and Die Hard series, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, 101 Dalmatians, Mr. Holland's Opus, The Winter Guest, X-Men, Frequency, Edge of Darkness, Brazil and The Iron Giant. His work has already garnered him two Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe Awards, three Grammys and an Emmy. In addition Kamen has created hit singles for artists including Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Eric Clapton.

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