Signed to Dave's Anxious lable, Dave worked as co-producer.

This group featured a white English guitarist and three black American singers. Their line-up comprises Jimmy Chambers (b. 20 January 1946), Jimmy Helms (b. Florida, USA) and George Chandler (b. Atlanta, Georgia, USA), plus Willy M, (b. William Henshall, London, England). Helms was best known for his UK Top 10 hit in 1973 with "Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse". He released several other singles at the time, including "Jack Horner's Holiday". Chandler was in 60s soul group the Four Kents who were American but based in northern Italy as servicemen. He too had released solo singles in the 70s. They came together and settled in London where they signed to David A. Stewart's AnXious label. Much of their material was close to a cappella though they used session musicians when necessary. Their debut "9AM (The Comfort Zone)' reached the UK Top 20 in 1988, but it was 1990"s "I've Been Thinking About You" that gave the band their biggest hit, rising to number 2, and topping the US chart. They also appeared with BBC Radio 1 disc jockeys, Liz Kershaw and Bruno Brooks on the Christmas 1989 charity record "It Takes Two Baby".

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