Kate Garner

I was born in Wigan, a town in the NW of England, near Liverpool & Manchester. I left when I was 16. I ran away to London where I was "captured" by Californian Jesus Freaks. I escaped & travelled overland to India through Europe & Asia where I stayed for 8 months. When I came back to my home town I met someone on the street who said they were going to college to study photography. I thought I'd go there next. It was the first time I'd really enjoyed school. I took assisting jobs in London & Manchester but mainly with larger advertising studios for a couple years. I then got a deal with RCA Records with my band Haysi Fantayzee.Our first record went top 10 in England and Europe and we became very famous, very quickly. After performing for about 2 years we were really not enjoying being in the public eye. We disbanded and gradually I began to take pictures professionally. My first proper photography job was to shoot most of Sinead O'Connor's press and album sleeves. That was about 12 years ago. I live in LA now with my daughter Gracie and boyfriend David Turin who has an internet record label called the peopletree (www.peopletree.com). I'm taking photographs and I love it. Aside from photography I have been getting back into music. I have a record coming out on the peopletree which will be available in June through the website. Also, the Haysi Fantayzee album is being reissued on BMG.

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