Jennifer Phillips

New wave diva, Jennifer Phillips, will be performing songs from her stunning new debut album at the Dagenham Town Show. Jennifer's first moves into the music business have been heralded by a host of respected commentators and her album entitled "All about me" has laid the foundation for a successful R&B career. Described as the Urban New Wave Diva, her voice has won plaudits from as far and wide as the The Times and The Voice Newspapers. Originally from the Midlands, 25-year-old Jennifer's roots are planted firmly in spirituality, which has led to her performing with top artistes such as Chaka Khan, Dave Stewart, Mariah Carey, Freddie Jackson, Michael Bolton and supporting Liberty X. Signed to BSG Music, Jennifer's powerful, classic but sensitive voice, creates a jazz feel in her music and she is certain to play a key role in the future of the British R&B scene. Executive Member for Raising Pride in the Borough, Cllr Jeff Porter said: "We have a superb line up for the Town Show, the best ever possibly. And with Jennifer Phillips, visitors will get a sneak preview of an act that could be really big in the future."

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