Dave Stewart is credited on JC's album with Anxious and took this photograph! JC001 is the performnace name for Jonathan Pandy.

History Born 1966. Raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London. Some call it Notting Hill. Anglo Irish mother,catholic and anglo Indian (Welsh born) father, Socialist. 1981/82 Picked up toasting from the culture around me in Ladbroke Grove, where I grew up and at my school nearby. Soon drifted towards rap and electro. Just at local parties. Still pretty much of a novelty then to most. 1983 Spent going to the early electro and rap clubs in London, getting on the mic, if I could. Earning my stripes so to speak. Seeing how the other mc’s are. However, occasionally I would be able to mc with live bands. Which gave me a different angle on performance and mic technique. It also exposed me to different music. 1984/85 Slipped in to the West London breakdance scene as an mc, (not as a dancer.) Got in to clubs by getting in with Dj’s of the night to get on the mic. Persistence. Had a few rap battles, and did OK. Battled a few names. Met Yankee B. in the West End scene. He was the human beatbox who performed with me several years around town. Awesome sounds. Even on the streets of the west end, (Covent Garden, Leceister Square, Soho) to the dance clubs in the East End we could get a vibe going. From him I learnt the basic techniques of beatboxing. Also started to mc for Rapattack Soul Sound, around London, The Notting Hill Carnival and occasionally to other cities in the UK. with other mc’s. I kept rapping faster according to some, but I still preferred the slow beats. 1986/88 Got linked up with Furious Fish Records. Met up with drummer/ producer Richie Stevens and his father, the late John Stevens, a legendary drummer. Through several projects we got to together with DJ D-Zire, Furious Fish released "I diss therefore I am" / "Words Within Words". Also album track "That’s Me" on Furious Fish compilation . "Bad Place to Get Hit" followed, with "Alone" under the name Party Unknown. First tour involving jazz abroad with John Stevens leads to meeting and performing with George Clinton and P-Funk all stars. 1988/91 Signed to Dave Stewart’s Anxious Records label, releasing several singles, most notably "Never Again", a rap against racism featuring The Specials Ghost Town Hook and "Favorite Breaks" with DJ D-Zire. Album features tracks with George Clinton and the J.B’s. Several collaborations as with Stable Mates Curve, producing the track "Ten Little Girls". Outside the label, with the Beatmaster’s track "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", also on "Wicked In Mombassa" with Marc Summers and Fire Island many others. I competed in a Guinness world record competition on 28th October, on BBC Radio 5s "The Mix" program, wining fastest rapper. 631 syllables a minute. As featured in the 1993 Guinness Book Of Records. One album, the eclectic Ride the break with DJ D-Zire is released by the Anxious / EastWest label and Interscope 1991/92 Toured with Shakespeares Sister in UK and solo. Spent time as TV presenter on RTL Ireland on show Electric ballroom. 1992/93 Slipped into poetry reading by an invitation. Spoken word and acappella got me first performances in London then in Germany. Started playing occasionally at the Mojo club in Hamburg in between London gigs. Much the same lyrics, but delivered in a different mode. 94/95 More collaborations. Marden Hill, "Evolution" / "Life’s a Bitch" play listed in Europe. MC’d while representing the label Delancy Street throughout the UK and Ireland. In this time I also worked on the drug awareness project with the health education authaurity culminating in the co-writing the script for the educational game D-code on CD ROM, made available to secondary schools and community centers throughout the UK. Guested on the the Philadelphia Blunts album, Blunted at Birth, with the track "Lotta hostility". Also created track with Dean Garcia of Curve for the Headbangers project, Gasp for air. Available on the Mushi Mushi website. 1996/98 Hooked up with Outcaste records outfit by visitin

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