Jaki Liebezeit

Jaki Liebezeit, a member of the German group Can, is credited for drumming on the debut Eurythmics album In The Garden which was recorded at Conny Planks studios in Germany.

Jaki Liebezeit was the powerhouse behind Can, whose mix of trance rhythms, psychedelia and electronics was a major influence on punk, post punk and even techno. Since then, he's played with Neu's Michael Rother, Brian Eno, Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell and had various projects of his own. Most recently he's hooked up with electronic jazzer Burnt Friedman for a duet record, Secret Rhythms.. Biography 1939 Born in ... 1961 After leaving school lived in Barcelona playing jazz with Tete Montoliu, Chet Baker and others. Private studies in ethno music (flamenco, Arabian music) 1963-77 Back to Cologne, Germany. Working with Manfred Schoof quintett (free jazz). 1968 Member of Can. First experiments with drum machine and drumset. Discovery of regularities (i.e. natural laws) in drumming. 1963-77 Back to Cologne, Germany. Working with Manfred Schoof quintett (free jazz). 1978 Freelancing drummer in recording studios. Working for numerous international artists. 1980 Foundation of Phantomband (3 albums). 1982 Formation of 'Drums Of Chaos', a group of drummers. Development of own drum system, based on E-T code ... - 1982 First meeting with Jah Wobble (John Wa....?), working with him until present. Recording and live converts, mostly in the UK. Also still doing recording sessions for various artists. 1996 Foundation of 'Club Off Chaos', together with Dirk Herweg and Boris Polonski. New electronic music based on synthesizers and drums. 1998 First release of CD 'Club Off Chaos'.

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