Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper | Mastering Engineer Ian Cooper's meteoric rise to mastering fame began when he started working on Scully and Neumann systems at PYE studios. In 1976, his reputation for pushing the boundaries in his chosen field led him to Utopia, one of London's first luxury mastering studios. With Ian on board, Utopia set the standard and blossomed. Regularly notching up some fifty per cent of British chart music at the time. In 1979 Richard Branson was among one of many to recognise Ian's talents and enlisted him to set up the new Virgin cutting rooms. Turning the Townhouse into one of Britain's leading mastering facilities. Ian was instrumental in introducing half-inch analogue tape as well as DMM mastering and 3M digital. Onto the 1980s, and with singles such as Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer', Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax', David Bowies' 'Scary Monsters' and Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' under his belt, Ian's ability to push the limits and create such energy catapulted many a recording into another dimension. Ian's dedication to his art brought him to Metropolis Mastering - drawn by the team's commitment to challenge accepted standards of technical excellence and client service. Ian's close involvement with the client in the mastering process enables them to work together to perfect the recording at the final stage. Artists including Nick Cave, The Pretenders and Sade have all completed recent albums with Ian and other regular clients include Van Morrison, Beverly Knight and the Afro Celts. From around Europe, Ian's portfolio includes French artists Maxime Les Foristier, Les Rita Mitsouko, Era and Youssou N' Dour, Spanish artist Monica Naranjo and Estopa and from Japan, Hotei and Coba.

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