Hölgar Czukay

Hölgar Czukay is credited for his french horn on the Eurythmics single Never Gonna Cry Again, as well as brass on Your Time Will Come. Annie then also worked with him on The Mermaid story album that Annie narrated with Peter Gabriel.

b. 24 March 1938, Danzig, Germany. Czukay was a founder member of the progressive electronic group Can whose solo work of the 80s used tape loops and musique concrete methods. He studied with avant garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen before joining Can as bassist in 1968. The group pioneered the use of electronics in a rock context and made numerous albums and composed several film soundtracks before Czukay left in the late 70s. As Cluster, he worked with Brian Eno, recording two albums for RCA Records before creating the highly praised Movies. Its backing musicians included African percussionist Kwaku Baah and his former Can colleagues. Among Czukay's later collaborators were Jah Wobble (for 1981's pioneering, sample-heavy On The Way To The Peak Of Normal) and David Sylvian (1988-89). Czukay caused an outcry in 1986 when 'Blessed Easter' included a 'cut-up' extract of a Papal speech. In 1989 Czukay rejoined Can to make Rite Time on the Mercury label.

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