Gary Valentine

Gary Valentine played bass for Blondie in the early pre-recording years and on Blondie's debut album. He was a friend of Clem Burke's and at the time he joined Blondie, he couldn't even play the bass, he was a quick learner however, adding his articulate bass lines to Blondie's debut album. He also wrote two of Blondie's early hits, "X Offender" and "I'm Always Touched by Your Presence Dear), which he left as a parting gift when he quit the Band in 1977. Valentine was included in the early reformation of Blondie, playing with them at their first live performance at the WHFS festival. However, he wasn't included in the final version and recently he has written articles for "Q Magazine" and "Mojo". He currently resides in England, holds a Masters Degree and is a freelance writer.

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