Dieter Moebius

"Swiss-born Dieter Moebius studied art in Brussels and Berlin, where he met Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler. In 1969 the three founded Kluster, which after two years and three records, Roedelius and Moebius continued as Cluster, whose work is easily as earth-shaking, and relevant today as that of Can, Tangerine Dream, Neu!, Faust, Kraftwerk and company. Moebius has always been more interested in straightforward motorized or handmade rhythms and the use of electronic, eccentric and unpredictable machine noises. Blotch, his 2nd solo album, following Tonspuren, released 16 years ago, was produced in March/Arpil of 1999 in Moebius' minimal studio in Berlin. Performed with a Korg Prophecy and an EMU Orbit, it was recorded with a Yamaha eight-track cassette recorder."

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