Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart is one of the most respected and trusted people in the music industry today. A prodigious producer of music, film and photography he is the "musician's musician", a try all-round multi-media entrepreneur and, in Bob Dylan's words, a "Fearless Innovator". Dave Stewart's career spans the last twenty years, having achieved over 30 million album sales with Eurythmics partner Annie Lennox. In 1999, they were given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brits. Stewart is also known as one of the most prestigious British record producers working with the biggest names in the music industry worldwide. Dave has won best producer four times, numerous Grammys and MTV awards and best British songwriter awards. Eurythmics went on a world tour during 1999 and 2000 and donated the proceeds to Amnesty International and Greenpeace. Annie and Dave ended the millennium playing live in Greenwich London and played their way into 2000 with the whole world watching as they sang “Sweet dreams” at midnight Greenwich Meantime! Since then Dave has written numerous songs with other artists including Bryan Ferry, Gwen Stefani, Marriane Faithfull and performed with U2, Nellie Fertado and Lou Reed. During the last two years Dave has formed a friendship and a musical collaboration with Gary “Mudbone” Cooper. The two call themselves “Da Univerzal Playaz” and have just completed their first album for the Artist Network. Dave has many more projects. To keep updated check out the rest of his site. Stewart is an artist and filmmaker. He has been active for several years in cinema, writing numerous film scores including Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune. He produced the award winning documentary, Deep Blues and has made many music promos. He has also written numerous scripts and his first feature film Honest premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2000. Dave will be Guest of Honour for the Opening Ceremony of Cannes Film Festival 2002 at the ”Why are you Creative” Premiere Exhibition. He has recently been granted planning permission to build the first Film Studios in Scotland. Stewart is also a professional stills photographer working on major ad campaigns and magazine covers. He has lectured on creativity for the UK government and D&AD. He is an honorary fellow at the University of Sunderland and University of Westminster where he has been an examiner in multimedia for the last three years. Stewart is in partnership with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to establish the Hospital, a multi media creative center in London's Covent Garden. Recently, the Artist Network was officially launched. The creation of the Artist Network is the result of two years non-stop networking with like-minded people, during which time he sharpened and perfected the model. Eventually, he was satisfied that it met the demands of all gifted artists wherever they might live or work, at whatever stage they might be in their career.

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