Conny Plank

Conny Plank was instrumental in producing over 25 tracks for The Tourists and Eurythmics debut album In The Garden at his studios in Germany. Some of Plank's last work, before his death in 1987 from laryngeal cancer in Cologne, was the recording of concerts on Eurythmics' Revenge tour, and samples used on the NED Synclavier on their Savage album.

Konrad Plank is probably the most important German producer ever, and his creativity as a sound engineer helped to forge some of the most creative works form the Krautrock 70's scene. Comments from Annie Lennox - It`s hard for me to refer to Conny in the past tense. He `was`such a powerful man in both stature and presence that his impression is still immense and lasting. I have a mental picture of him sitting at the control desk of the studio in Neunkirchen (but it wasn`t really Neunkirchen, it was our own special music planet). He had a certain way of rocking his shoulders from side to side when the music started to inspire him. You always knew you were onto something good when Conny started shaking, a satisfied grin spread across his face. He was a huge inspiration for Dave and I, in so many respects. A thought provoker.... full of unique opinions, in-sights and humor. He hated bullshit, could smell it from miles off and was suitably unimpressed. He spoke at times of the thrill of the electronic sound potential of technology and machines. He made us think....stimulating the creative processes to go further. Over the years we became really good friends, exchanging similar ideas, we were "comrades in arms", with a shared mistrust of music industry systems, antiquated conventions, consumer hype and corporate culture. In a way, his views could have been described as somewhat "anarchic", they conformed to no other group or creed....they belonged to his own unique thought patterns. I always felt the world was a fascinating place to be in when Conny was around. In him we found a like minded soul brother-agent provocateur. On one particular trip to Tokyo, he discovered that the Japanese "racist" term for white people could be roughly translated as "butter stinker", so Conny went out immediately to print up a T-shirt in Japanese, to wear on the subway which read....."I am a f....white butter stinker". It created the desired response. Some people leave this world too soon, creating a massive space behind them that can`t be filled. I wish he was still here, and I can`t really accept that he`s gone because it just doesn`t make any sense to me at all." Plank is most reputed for being the producer of KRAFTWERK's early records, helping to configure their innovative and revolutionary sound. During the 70's he also produced some of the most significant Krautrock bands like NEU! , CLUSTER (becoming almost a member of the band), ASH RA TEMPEL, Holger Czukay (CAN), and Guru Guru. During the mid 70's Plank built his legendary electronic studio in Cologne which was used by generations of artists. He has also worked with Dieter Moebius as a duo recording 4 album studios, and during the 80's his services were required by a new generation of electronic influenced artists, such as DEVO, ULTRAVOX, Joy Division, and Eurhythmics. He has also worked in all sort of pop and rock productions with artists such as The Scorpions, Clannad, and Killing Joke. He has been called "the Phil Spector of Krautrock".

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