Colin Sheen

Colin has spent most of his professional career as a session musician, playing on film, radio, TV, pop music sessions, and in big bands, whilst also working in the classical orchestral field. For 20 years he has been the principal trombonist with the ECO, and he presently holds a similar position with the Don Lusher Big Band. He has recorded with a variety of stars from Paul McCartney to Pavarotti, Barbra Streisand to George Solti. Amongst his favourite recordings have been those with Sir Adrian Boult, Nelson Riddle and André Previn. He started writing in 1974 by composing for Rediffusion. These tracks have subsequently been broadcast many times by the BBC. He is able to write in almost any style and genre - his most recent project being Cuban music. This year, as well as an album of dance music for KPM, he has played on recordings featuring, amongst others, the Beach Piano Concerto (with Joanne Polk & the ECO), Barbara Windsor, the Eurythmics' 'Peace' album, Schumann Symphony No. 3 (RPO) and S Club 7 ('Two In A Million').

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