Christa Fast

Christa Fast was the partner of German record producer Conny Plank. Christa created an audio book album called Die Niexe (The Mermaid) to which both Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel contributed. She is also credite for her laughing on the Eurythmics song Revenge from Im The Garden.

Together with her partner Conny Plank, she founded the Connys Studio recording studio in Neunkirchen-Wolperath near Cologne in 1974. Fast looked after her family and international guests there. Through the work I made contacts and friendships with numerous musicians and bands such as Can, Ultravox, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Cluster, Annette Humpe, Band Ideal and Gianna Nannini. She had a particularly close friendship with Annie Lennox and Annette Humpe. After Plank's death on October 5, 1987, she continued the studio with their son, Stefan. At the beginning of 2006 she had to give up the studio due to illness and sell it in May 2006.

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