Chris Jagger

Dave Stewart has Chris Jaggers albums titled Atcha and Rock The Zydeco which are in fact the same album. Dave contributes arrangements and guitars to the track Lhasa Town.

BIO Mick may have been born first, but this has not prevented Chris from forging his own way within the field of music. Always acutely tuned in to things musical, Chris has been singing and playing from an early age, turned on by many of the same influences as Mick. However, Chris branched out and spent 6 months studying singing in the foothills of the Himalayas with the local pundit. On his return he extended his vocal skills with a spell in the theatre. In the 1970's Chris made two records for Billy Gaff and David Geffen and these albums have now achieved cult status. In the 1980s Chris worked as a lyricist with Franck Langolf and contributed to two Stones albums (Dirty Work and Steel Wheels). It was with the release of the album 'Atcha' in 1994 that Chris established his musical identity and plotted a course that he is still pursuing. That course combines CJ's interest in Zydeco, Cajun and Country with the underlying strands of R'n'B, Rock and World music. Constant touring has enabled Chris to hone his skills as frontman and vocalist. In his band he also plays guitar and washboard. In 1996 Chris recorded an acoustic album with long term associates Ben Waters and Charlie Hart and there followed the current album 'Channel Fever' with full line-up. Chris still has current acoustic projects and in 2002 toured the UK with fiddle player Robin Mckidd playing clubs and theatres. Recently Chris, Charlie Hart and Ben Waters appeared on BBC Radio 3 'the Andy Kershaw show' and Radio 4's Ned Sherrin arts programme 'Loose Ends.'.

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