Bob Rosa

Bob Rosa is credited for production credits on Dave Stewart's solo album Greetings From The Gutter

Bob Rosa’s multi-platinum career started in 1981 with the opportunity to apprentice with engineer Jay Burnette at New York’s Intergalactic Recording. At a time when there was no formal education for the Recording Arts, Intergalactic provided Bob downtime to learn and experiment on that studio’s vintage Neve console. Eventually he got the opportunity to work with creative artists such as then fledgling session guitarist Paul Pesco and ground-breaking producer Arthur Baker. It was at that studio that he and Baker created the first gold-certified 12” hip-hop single “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force. After Intergalactic’s untimely demise, Bob found a home as a staff engineer at Unique Recording Studios. There he honed his craft, coming of age along with other young engineers such as Tom and Chris Lord-Alge. In the mid-80’s the decision was made to go independent. After working along side top producers of the day such as Ted Currier, Lionel Job, Shep Pettibone and the late Keith Diamond on projects such as Sly Fox, Starpoint, Madonna, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, James Ingram and Michael Bolton, a routine gig lead to a bond formed with David Cole and Robert Clivilles of C+C Music Factory fame. Together they worked on multi-platinum projects that included co-production and mixing with C+C Music Factory as well as Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey. Unfortunately, the tragic death of David Cole brought that hit-making combination to an early end. Not one to skip a beat, Bob began working with artist/producer Dave Stewart on several projects and mixing with producer/remixer Tony Moran. He collaborated with Moran on mega-artists such as Michael Jackson, Jon Secada, Luther Vandross, Barry Manilow and Cyndi Lauper. Along with Emilio Estefan, the pair produced the album versions and remixes of “Heaven’s What I Feel” and “Don’t Let This Moment End” by Gloria Estefan, which brought Bob 41st and 42nd Annual Grammy Award nominations for Best Dance Recordings. He also mixed tracks for *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, and mixed several important projects for the PolyGram family of labels, including Crystal Waters, Vanessa Williams, 98 Degrees, Boyzone, Phoenix Stone, Joe and remixing for Jay-Z. In March 2000, Bob co-founded Bogart Recording Studios. In November 2001 Bob, along with Gerri Ann Vidal-Rosa, former Director of A&R Administration at PolyGram Records and the Island Def Jam Music Group, and Paul N. Rabasco, a New York Repertoire and Talent Consultant, established The ICON Music Group as a platform to launch up-and-coming acts. ICON has assembled a collection of talented artists, producers, remixers and songwriters that include all genres of music. One of the young talents recently signed to ICON is Paul Nicholas; Rosa is currently producing the singer/songwriter and is readying to shop a deal for the budding pop performer. ICON has also signed the funk-rock talent of Miami local STAR to a production deal. Both artists are currently recording at Bogart Recording Studios. 2002/2003’s projects include mixing tracks for LeAnn Rimes and the American Idol winner with producer Desmond Child, Leslie Mills on Atlantic Records, Marie Sisters on Universal, Sony Discos artist Chayanne, mixing and providing additional production on Universal artist Paulina Rubio’s cross-over release “Border Girl” and mixing dance artist Becky Baeling’s debut lp also on Universal, which is being produced by Tony Moran. Bob is also mixing for several artists with Miami-based producer C ROD, including Andreas DeLeon on Sony Discos, Curb Records artist Jonathan Pierce, Island Def Jam’s Ethan Edwards, and creating demos for Muffy Nixon and Dan Woods. He is also mixing tracks for Ricky Martin with producers Estefano and Tommy Torres. He has also tracked vocals for American Idols Kelly and Justin with Swedish producer Anders Bagg for their upcoming motion picture. Ne

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