Blair Sinta

Blair Sinta is credited as a drummer on the Annie Lennox solo album Songs of Mass Destruction

Blair Sinta has been a professional drummer in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Blair's musical background was formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan and The University of North Texas. His studies include classical percussion, jazz and rock. His constant touring, recording and writing have made him a staple in the LA music scene. Blair’s major break arrived when he was asked to join Alanis Morissette on tour in 2001. For the next 5 years he toured the world with her and recorded for the albums “So Called Chaos”, “Jagged Little Pill Acoustic” and “Flavors of Entanglement”. Blair subsequently began to work with producer Glen Ballard. With Glen, he recorded with acclaimed artists Annie Lennox, Idina Menzel, Steve Nicks, Josh Groban and many others. He records daily from his home studio in Los Angeles for local and international artists, soundtracks, commercials and video games. He specializes in crafting groove, sounds and parts for songs as well as engineering for himself and other drummers in his studio. Blair runs his own company called “Sticks and Wires” which teaches drumming, engineering drums and insights into running a home studio business.

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