Andrew Biscomb

Andrew Biscomb designed the Sweet Dreams 91 single cover with Peter Barrett.

Andrew is an art director and designer who often worked with Peter Barrett. With a degree in Graphic Design at Leicester, Andrew kick-started his career by moving to London to design album covers for some of the major bands of the time. Their work included album and single covers for Dea Or Alive, Bananrama, Terence Trent D'Arby, Simply Red and many more. The music industry soon had him disillusioned and after answering an ad for a designer at Macmillan, he moved into children’s publishing. He soon learnt that designing books for children was no easy task. Children never accept anything at face value, constantly challenging things, and it’s a market that evolves rapidly with trends changing almost weekly. It was, however, one of the most rewarding and truly creative processes he had ever been involved in. Now, as Creative Director for Scholastic Children’s Books, Andrew gets to work with one of the most inventive teams in the industry today – committed to making great products for children of all ages – always on the lookout for innovative new formats, the latest trends and discovering talent fresh from colleges and nurturing them as illustrators. There is nothing more satisfying than pairing them with great authors, knowing that they are a perfect match.

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