Allan Martin

Starting in 2003 Allan collaborated with Annie Lennox. Annie had long held a fascination for photography, the initial intention being to experiment with the medium, to find our way and explore this new direction together. Allan is credited for the design of the cover for The Annie Lennox Collection as well as photgraphy.

Born 1956, Eaglesham, Scotland. In 1978 I left Glasgow School of Art with a Diploma of Art in Printed Textiles and a traveling scholarship. Work in a graphic design studio in Glasgow followed until the latter part of 1981 when I moved to London. Once in London, I worked as a decorative paint specialist, one project featured as the front cover and article for Interiors magazine. At the same time, my drawings were brought to the attention of a band, and I was commissioned to work exclusively for them as illustrator and designer when they signed to EMI. Having found my path into graphic design once more, I continued with this direction as a freelance, music and fashion being the main focus. I have since worked with a range of people and companies, many over a period of years.

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