Aiden Love

Worked with Dave Stewart for several years including the Jimmy Cliff album ‘Fantastic Plastic People’, some unreleased Eurythmics music, Gwen Steffani and some soundtrack work.

I started my lifelong relationship with music at an early age. I was born into a musical family and my father started to teach me the violin at the age of four using the infamous Suzuki method that emphasizes ear-training. As a young teenager I purchased my first four-track tape recorder along with a Roland SH101 monosynth and took my first steps in writing and producing my own music. In Manchester, at the age of 20, I discovered one of the first music technology courses in the country. Here I was introduced to Cubase on an Atari ST computer – I had discovered sequencing and I loved it straight away. I started working with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). The first project I was involved with was the Jimmy Cliff album ‘Fantastic Plastic People’. Over the next couple of years I was involved with all sorts of other Dave Stewart projects, from Film soundtracks, musical scores to writing with Gwen Stefani – there was never a dull moment as all sorts of famous and/or interesting people orbited planet Stewart.

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