Adam Wakeman

Adam Wakeman played keyboards on Annie Lennox's Solo Tour

After leaving school in 1992, Adam had completed his musical apprenticeship by playing over 200 gigs with an Isle of Man based band. He then teamed up with father Rick Wakeman to record their first album together entitled Wakeman with Wakeman which accompanied a 2 month UK tour. By the end of the year, Adam had also recorded his first solo album Soliloquy. Adam accompanied his father and his band for a performance for MTV at the White Nights Festival in Russia. 1993 saw the second Wakeman with Wakeman album, No Expense Spared which was released a few weeks before the 5 piece band took off for another tour that encompassed the UK, most of Europe, the USA, South America with few festivals in Paraguay and Japan thrown in for good measure. A classical piano album Romance of the Victorian Age was recorded with Wakeman senior in early 1994 to support the Alone at Last UK Tour and Adam's second solo album 100 Years Overtime helped him to win the title of Best New Talent in the American Keyboard Magazine. The Official Bootleg double CD was released at the beginning of 1995, which was taken from a stadium concert performed in Brazil during the tour with his father in 1993. Within the first few months of the year, Adam had joined up with guitarist and writing partner Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith and the band Jeronimo Road was born. The band's version of Starship Trooper was featured on the Tales From Yesterday YES tribute album. Adam was musical director and keyboard player with the human extravaganza Cirque Surreal which toured the country during the summer. A follow up to the 1994 classical piano album was recorded in 1995 entitled Tapestries and in 1996 supposedly their final joint album Vignettes. There is also a three CD keyboard based instrument trilogy that was released late in 1997 called The Real World Trilogy.

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