Annie Lennox : 100 BEAUTIFUL SONGS

Number 14 : Coloured Bedspread by Annie Lennox from Songs of Mass Destruction in 2007

Colored Bedspread — If you think the synth-pop intro to “Coloured Bedspread” sounded a little like “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” you wouldn’t be alone. If it was coincidence or intentional, only Annie knows, but it might also be described as Annie’s sexiest love songs. Whatever your take, it’s clear, at No. 14, it’s a favorite among fans.

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Bright lights are going dim
I want to hide again
The nights are caving in
On my coloured bedspread
I wanna drift so far
To slip out of the crowd
It doesn’t matter how
On my coloured bedspread
You make the stars dissolve
Like sugar melting in my mouth
Some people come and go
But they won’t ever know
About the things we do
On my coloured bedspread
I remember places I’ve been to
Remember things I never knew
Remember dreams that all came true
On my coloured bedspread
We make the stars collide
I touch the planets

And our #14 in the countdown takes us on a proverbial magical carpet, er, um, bedspread, ride. What may be the most unique jewel in Annie’s solo collection, we get … intimacy, sexuality, slithering, gliding, hotness. “Can you feel it, tell me can you feel it now”?

At the time, a 53 year old Annie, made yet another statement. A statement that unadulterated sexuality, and, the gloriousness of sensuality is not limited to the young, the poppy, the manufactured, the fake pretty people, shown to us time after time after time. In a way, a very feminist statement, a sister to ‘Womankind,’ but a sister that is opened to all in the human condition. Our desires do not die with age, and they are as deep and warm, if not more so, as when we first hit puberty, and were horny as hell.

An extension of the beautiful imagery of ‘Bare,’ reminding us that age is beauty, and like fine wine, we get more beautiful with age. “Coloured Bedspread” may be the most smooth and heartracing song in her collection. And it is a gorgeous thing. Lust. Sex. Desire. Need.

But don’t take my word for it, Annie’s own commentary on this gem can be found in the curated videos below, and it is definitely worth a listen.

– Dan Mueller

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