Annie Lennox : 100 BEAUTIFUL SONGS

Number 1 : Why by Annie Lennox from Diva in 1992

Why – When Annie embarked on her solo career in 1992, it was “Why” that provided the first glimpse of what she could do without Dave Stewart. The public embraced this “new Annie,” perhaps a more feminine version than had been seen through Eurythmics’ more gender-bending roles. If the image was seen as somewhat softer, the songs were equally sharp and intense as her chart-topping songs with Dave. “Why” set a new standard for the modern pop song. It was a worldwide hit (top charting position was No. 1 in Italy). It was her first solo single from her first solo album, and it’s first in our fan-voted poll. Annie may have concluded “Why” by lamenting, “I don’t think you know how I feel.” In this instance, fans do know this – “Why” is the top choice, overall, and for that there is no question as to why.

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how many times do i have to try to tell you
that I’m sorry for the things i’ve done
but when i start to try to tell you
that’s when you have to tell me
hey…this kind of trouble’s only just begun
i tell myself too many times
why don’t you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut
that’s why it hurts so bad to hear the words
that keep on falling from your mouth
falling from your mouth
falling from your mouth
tell me…

i may be mad
i may be blind
i may be viciously unkind
but i can still read what you’re thinking
and i’ve heard it said too many times
that you’d be better off
why can’t you see this boat is sinking
(this boat is sinking this boat is sinking)
let’s go down to the water’s edge
and we can cast away those doubts
some things are better left unsaid
but they still turn me inside out
turning inside out turning inside out
tell me…
tell me…

this is the book i never read
these are the words i never said
this is the path i’ll never tread
these are the dreams i’ll dream instead
this is the joy that’s seldom spread
these are the tears…
the tears we shed
this is the fear
this is the dread
these are the contents of my head
and these are the years that we have spent
and this is what they represent
and this is how i feel
do you know how i feel?
’cause i don’t think you know how i feel
i don’t think you know what i feel
i don’t think you know what i feel
you don’t know what i feel

Why “Why”

I’ve been asked to write some lines about why I chose “Why” as my #1 place. It might seem trite or expected, seeing as it’s Annie’s first solo single, one of her most recognizable hits, and the song which propelled her into the spotlight by herself for the first time without Dave. 
But this song runs deep for me. As with the rest of you, I’ve heard this song performed a multitude of times, from Arista’s 25th, to the AMAs, peacetour, countless television shows (including Intimate and Interactive here in Toronto), her solo tours, and the majestic and beautiful video, produced by Sophie Muller, our own personal muse. It’s always been a favourite of mine, and I couldn’t think of another song that encapsulates my love for Annie any better than this song. 

But in recent weeks, the lyrics and the somber tone of this song has taken on a new meaning for me. After a rough road (and a dark road that leads to my house), my partner of 5 years decided that our relationship was over. Here I was, 49 and alone. My therapy has always been Annie, through previous breakups, the death of my mother (Dad’s death was 1988, so it was all Eurythmics), somber times, and even joyous ones. There’s a comfort that this song gives me, it slows me down, beckoning me to listen once again, to find something new within its walls, to hear it once again for the first time. I always go back to “Why”. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found an answer to the question.

Anyway. I wish all of you the best of the season, and my sincere wishes for a 2020 that surrounds each of you with comfort and joy. Happy Birthday, Annie. Here’s to many more.

– Cameron Carr


Well, no apologies, you are getting the whole collectors discography for Why today, every release and every promo!

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