Lyrics for With Your Love by Dave Stewart and Kaya Stewart from the album Kaya Stewart

LYRICS FOR With Your Love

Boy you know I’ll do it just because
Hit me one more time with your love
With your love
High heel shoes I’ve never worn
Black jeans so tight
Ripped and torn
I was a liar
But I didn’t wanna lose
Lose your desire

Boy you know I like it just like that
Only ’cause you taught me good from bad
Say again you love me with your love
With your love

Come a little closer I don’t bite
You better treat me well
Better treat me right
I know how you want me
When all your friends are gone
And you’re feeling lonely I


Hey I’ll be fine
I know what to do
I’ve done my time
Hey it’s all good
Just kiss me like you always do
Baby like you should I


4984 - Dave Stewart And Kaya Stewart - Kaya Stewart - The USA - CD - 549436-2