Lyrics for When Tomorrow Comes by Eurythmics from the album Revenge

LYRICS FOR When Tomorrow Comes

underneath your dreamlit eyes
shades of sleep have driven you away
the moon is pale outside
and you are far from here
breathing shifts your careless head
untroubled by the chaos of our lives
another day, another night
has taken you again my dear

and you know that I’m gonna be the one
who’ll be there when you need someone to depend on
when tomorrow comes
wait till tomorrow comes,
yea, yea

last night while you where lying in my arms
and i was wondering where you were
you know you looked just like a baby
fast asleep in this dangerous world
every star was shining brightly
just like a million years before
and we were feeling very small
underneath the universe

i can’t wait
i can’t wait
till tomorrow comes baby
when tomorrow comes
i wanna be with you
when tomorrow comes

5235 - Eurythmics - Revenge - The UK - LP - PL-71050