Lyrics for Walk On Babelou by Dave Stewart and Sylvie Marechal from the album Faith Healing

LYRICS FOR Walk On Babelou

Mister life, I wait for you
When will I See the daylight
Tell then I’ll never fight
I just want to be a Babelou

Even if you’re right
Even if you’re wrong
These are your days
So walk on
You may be weak
You may be strong
But these are your days
So walk on

My Memory is like a road
From me to my ancient past life
I may have been an angel lord
Or just a bad boy with a knife

Please save all human souls
If you love your Babelou

When I remember all my hopes
And see how hard it is to get free
All the Sherrifs and all the ghosts
Should be shot down for you and me

2174 - Dave Stewart And Sylvie Marechal - Faith Healing - The UK - CD - 74321134992