Lyrics for Trivialities by Longdancer from the album If It Was So Simple

LYRICS FOR Trivialities

You may speak of simple things,
Of what you’ve done at work today,
While my mind is so confused,
My thoughts are many miles away,
I’m locked within myself
And I’m bursting at the seams,
All I need is inspiration,
To fulfill my lonely dream.

Singing songs by quiet night
My world is much afar
The only things that hold me
Are the strings on my guitar
And when my life is through
And all the years have passed the door
Will the songs that I have written
Be in mind for evermore.

And in my life of simple ways,
No justice can be done,.
Maybe that’s the reason
Why he came, but now he’s gone.
With a mind that thinks,
And eyes that see,.
And ears that hear all,
He’s just an ordinary man
Who paved the way for those who crawl.

There’s something very strange
That’s in the message that you bring
just like the stillness in the wind
Before the hurricane begins.
Will my soul go to waste,

Or will the devil make me quote,
Will I go to heaven or hell,
‘Cos, man, I’ve got friends in both.

0296 - Longdancer - If It Was So Simple - The UK - LP - PIGL 1