Lyrics for Trailer by Longdancer from the album Trailer For A Good Life


A Trailer for a good life ain’t nothing that you ever did watch on TV
A Failure in my eyes someone who did something that the world don’t wanna see
Well maybe its me
But at least I don’t think that I’m always doing good no no.

So take hold, look alive; don’t tell me that you had bad luck then
You could have told me that that you’d tried
But you didn’t, now the only vibe that you ever had has just died
It’s a thing you can’t hide
I said look cut me loose from singing these washed out tunes

Cause silently the shadow sleeps
And shadowy the silent person changes
You see them walking in the street
They think their lives are so complete
They’re strangers, strangers.

Oh it’s all in the head
Dead, what’s that you said?
Oh nothing, just a thing it picked up at school
Was it cool?
No I hated it
Never could see me in a funny little suit
Shoot the government,
I don’t care if we have to plough the fields ourselves
Well it’s not a bad thing
Getting into this nature right up to your knees
Breeze in the sun
Take a bus down the highway and you will be free
Me! it’s impossible
Ill always be chained to this song
Till I’m dead
Head, What’s that I said
Sweet Jesus don’t you feel it coming on you now.

0255 - Longdancer - Trailer For A Good Life - The UK - LP - PIG L6