Lyrics for Time To Pay by Longdancer from the album If It Was So Simple


Wating your time in the late hours of the morning,
wondering what you’ll do today,
Drifting asleep with the world on your shoulders,
Expecting to find one more way,
To escape from the feelings that haunt you each day,
And capture your mind till the time slips away
and it leaves you remembering when things all-in-all weren’t so bad.
But problems surround you and time is so short,
And the hours that you waste can no longer be bought,
And the days when you dreat all your troubles away have been had.

It’s time to pay – for delay.
It’s time to pay – for delay.

Why not turn on your mind and face the world like you’re trying,
To make an impression some way,
And maybe the fears that you had in your dreaming,
Once conquered no longer will stay,
For although it seems hard try to free your own mind,
From the things of the past that have kept you so blind,
And consider that any experience gained can’t be bad,
And feel humble with problems that you though so large,
And take time to tell yourself you could be charged,
With the crime of believing that all of your life has been sad.

It’s time to pay – for delay.
It’s time to pay – for delay.

So now you’ve decided real freedom is only,
achieved when you’ve been through the pain
And learning you’re living with love,
And you’ve tried to destroy it when it should be saved,
You’ll look forward with hope and look back on your pride,
You’ll be sorry you once tried to turn a blind eye,
But then surely the promise of freedom from doubt makes you glad

That It’s time to pay – for delay.
It’s time to pay – for delay.

0296 - Longdancer - If It Was So Simple - The UK - LP - PIGL 1