Lyrics for This Is It (Your Soul) by Dave Stewart and The Hothouse Flowers from the album Songs From The Rain

LYRICS FOR This Is It (Your Soul)

You’ve been disturbed from your sleep
You’ve been laid down on the floor
You’ve been looking around for your family
Now your body’s tired and sore
Well there’s rest that’s in the water
And there’s an answer on the streets
And if you take the time to listen
There’s a chance you will meet
Your soul
This is it
This is your soul
This is it

When your world falls down around you
Not the most comfortable place
You’ve been looking into a room full of strangers
But now you recognise one face
It’s a reflection on the water
It’s the word that’s in the street
Say it now is the time to listen
Take the time to meet

Your soul
This is it
This is your soul
This is it
And they’re talking at you not with you
And you’re bored with what’s around
And you’ve tried all the quacks, all the doctors and all you really need
And all you really need is a healing sound

But just listen to the waters
Find the answer on the street
Because now it’s time to listen, now it’s time to meet
Your soul, now this is it
It’s time to meet your soul
Your crying soul
This is your soul
Set free your soul

This is it, set it free, let the light inside
Shine from the inside out
Oh let the light inside shine
From the inside out
Let the light inside

2166 - Dave Stewart And The Hothouse Flowers - Songs From The Rain - The UK - CD - 8283502