Lyrics for These Nights by Dave Stewart and Sylvie Marechal from the album Faith Healing

LYRICS FOR These Nights

These nights, when I’m all alone
I keep on wishin’ you would telephone
But I know you’re busy and I understand
It’s those second hand Whispers from the boys in the band
Cruel runours-all night bars
It’s your life honey so, que serra?

All I ever hear are just lies about you
I don’t believe them, I know it’s not true
All I ever hear …about you
I don’t believe them… I know they’re not true

These nights, when I feel you’re alone
I send you my love with all my soul
I’m far away but if you understand
The truth is babe I’m still holding your hand
Cruel lovers all night stars
It’s life on Mars baby so, que serra?
So don’t worry you know I’ll always be around
Lift you up when you feel so down

2174 - Dave Stewart And Sylvie Marechal - Faith Healing - The UK - CD - 74321134992