Lyrics for The Sound by Dave Stewart and Joss Stone from the album LP1


Yeah, alright now

I didn’t come here to buckle ’round
My purpose is set so clear
My message is always loud
I wish it was more profound

All that matters is the sound
All that matters, yes it is, woo

Last night is a secret now
I sought back and let it all out
Let’s find a pub and it’s my round
And all the noise is not our fault

And sometimes, sometimes
All that matters is the sound, yeah
All that matters is the sound
Hm, oh, yeah, yeah yeah

I don’t need your company
You wanna leave, go ahead, be free
I got my music with me, yes
I’ll never bow down

’cause all that matters, see now
All that matters… is the sound

(it won’t let you down)
So let it all out
Let it all make good
Come on now
La da da da da
(it won’t let you down)
Hey, hey, hey
(it won’t let you down)
Yeah yeah yeah!
All that matters is the sound
Hmm, hey!

4073 - Dave Stewart And Joss Stone - LP1 - The UK - Promo CD - 233421