Lyrics for The Ship by Longdancer from the album Trailer For A Good Life


You sit on the shore and you gaze through the mist
At a ship with a tattered sail
You hear on the wind a song of the sea
And a soul that cries out to be saved
Then from the bench as you reach out your hand
To guide the ship to the shore
The image returns to the darkness of Hell
But still you can hear someone call.

That you can’t go home
That you can’t go home

You walk through the sand, feel the world at your feet
Your thoughts reach up to the sky
The song of the waves seems to echo a call
To you, but you don’t know why
And then overheard where the the seagulls fly high
The ship appears to your eyes
And there on the deck is an image of you
Which fades, but you still hear the cry

Storm clouds are gathering over your head
And memories fall from the sky
Leaving reflections of ships and their dead
And you, but you still hear the lie

0255 - Longdancer - Trailer For A Good Life - The UK - LP - PIG L6