Lyrics for The Ringmaster General by Dave Stewart from the album The Ringmaster General

LYRICS FOR The Ringmaster General

The caravan wheels are crooked and worn
But they’re still able to pull that oil trailer along
On its way
To “The Greatest Show lln Earth”

The make up’s cracked and the |ipstick’s faint
He looks less like a clown now he looks more like a saint
On his way
To “The Greatest Show on Earth”

Once upon a time he was a lion uncaged
No one came near he could never be upstaged
He held his head high like a statue down in Rome
He was surrounded by beauty he was never alone

How the tightrope walkers are practicing their falls
The bearded lady is handing out tickets for the stalls
They gladly pay
To see “The Greatest Show Onn Earth”

His black boots polished, top hat and tails
He’s called the Ringmaster because he never fails
Every day
Come what may
He brings a cabaret
Hip hip hooray
Even doctors say
It’s in his DNA
He was born that way
Come see “The Greatest Show On Earth”

4132 - Dave Stewart - The Ringmaster General - The USA - LP - 640424999384