Lyrics for The City by Eurythmics and Jimmy Cliff from the album Fantastic Plastic People


Welcome to the city
Neon light look pretty
N e thing can happen
But you just don’t know when
N e thing you want noww
Just don’t say you can’t you ah.

Get your duets up beat up
‘Cause man it can get real rough
Kingston kingston kingston kingston city
Newyork newyork newyork newyork city now

So welcome to the city
Kay are thick and sticky
Some of us r victims
Caught up in the system
Here comes just another pace
Rushing in the rat race

Yes it is a jungle
Get ready to rumble now
London london london london city
Hong kong hong kong hong kong. Hong kong city marketch marketch marketch marketch city. Paris paris paris paris city now

Feeling the city vibes
Fighting to stay alive
Some of us just love it
Some can’t rise above it.
Someone stucking on my sleeve
Making it so hard to leave
Oh I miss the nature of the country
Till I see my future in the city now

Bombay montigobay. Morbay morbay city
La la la la city toranto lagos lagos tokyo city now new deli new deli baygin baygin city now avana avana kingston kingston city salvador salvador
Or you want more more more moreof the city citycities

1703 - Eurythmics And Jimmy Cliff - Fantastic Plastic People - The UK - CD - ANA0001