Lyrics for The Blackleg Song by Dave Stewart from the album The Northumberland Anthology

LYRICS FOR The Blackleg Song

As traitors we shall know them now
Their principles are dust
For they have broke their taken vow
And the rules of workers trust.

Their action now has likened them
Unto the slaves of old
Who had to be content to work
While masters took the gold.

They sneak out quiet to their toil
At night, also at morn
Their faces all dejected
For they’re looked on now with scorn.

We’ll bid them all a last goodbye
Their company, we can spare it
For we never want the rotten dogs
To uphold Trade Union merit.

So now their names are on the scroll
Of dirty blackleg fame
And we hope their innocent children
Will recall the day with shame.

4516 - Dave Stewart - From Tees To Tyne - The UK - CD - MWMCDSP51