Lyrics for Take Your Pain Away by Eurythmics from the album Revenge

LYRICS FOR Take Your Pain Away

If I could find a way
To soothe your troubled mind
Then I would erase your fears
And help you to unwind.
I would ease the burden
That you carry everyday.
Oh – don’t you know I’d find a cure
And take your pain away.

Take your pain away
Take your pain away…

And even though you’re far from here
Don’t forget I’m always near.
Find comfort in these words I send
In this cold world.

Take your pain away
Take your pain away…

For every aching heart
For every broken soul…

So give up your worries
They’ll only do you harm.
There is no need to be concerned
It’s just a false alarm.

(Chorus repeats…)

5235 - Eurythmics - Revenge - The UK - LP - PL-71050