Lyrics for Suspend My Disbelief – I Had A Life by Dave Stewart from the album Ghost The Musical

LYRICS FOR Suspend My Disbelief - I Had A Life

“If there’s anything left I can do

To convince myself it could be true

It’s up to me to suspend my disbelief

If there’s even one thing left to try

I don’t even need to know why

It’s just relief to suspend my disbelief

How can it be, it must be true

This thing I feel, I know it’s you

It’s a chance in a million I know

But I’ll take it before I let go

And admit defeat, I’ll suspend my disbelief

How could she know, it must be real

I know it’s you, I know how it feels

Suspend my disbelief

How can you believe some fortune teller from Spanish Harlem

Who shows up at your door?

I sat there and watched, she was talking to him.

I don’t buy it Moll, not for a minute

Carl, she knew things, I know they were true

What kinda things?

A photo Sam took as we rode the bus into Rino

We were all alone, just us. It’s something no one would know

And the Starfish at Montego Bay

Look, she said that Sam knows who killed him

That he was set up, murdered

This is getting deranged, your going off the deep end here

She had a name, address, a complete ID

Good Molly, good

Willie Lopez, 321 Prospect Place, Apartment 4D

She said Sam wants me to go to the Police

The Police, Molly Jesus, what are you gonna tell them

Some storefront phsycic’s been getting messages from the dead

Carl I know, I know it sounds crazy, but you’ve gotta trust her

Suspend my disbelief

Stop, stop it, this is sick, it’s really sick

Suspend my disbelief

This woman’s a joke, look at you, you’ve gotta let go

Suspend my disbelief

When it’s over it’s over

I know your here

None of it’s real

It must be you

You’ve got to leave

I don’t wanna feel

It’s part of the deal

I know that its real

Look if it makes you feel any better I’ll go check it out, OK

Really, Carl thank you, I appreciate that

But I am going to the Police

Nah, I wouldn’t do that, not just yet

I’ll call you tomorrow, I promise

I’m gonna do this Carl

I don’t believe it, it’s so sad

Where are the good times we once had

Such a high that we were on

I can’t believe that it’s all gone

How could this happen, we were friends

Don’t forget something that never ends

We’ll get over it somehow

All we’ve got is here and now

Here right now, here right now, here right now, here right now

It’s a misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding

Be careful Carl, this guy’s dangerous

Carl, what you doing here

Who you been talking to

Talking to? Estas loco hombre, what the hell do you mean

Some fortune teller woman knows all about you

Everything, where’s she getting it from huh?


I aint said a word to anybody

She knows your name god dam it, she knows where you live

A lot of women know where I live

This isn’t a joke man, she knows about the money

You bastard

Now I want you to find this bitch whoever she is

And you just, look you just get rid of her OK

I’ve got 10 million dollars stuck in that god dam computer

If I don’t get those codes and that money’s not transferred soon

I’m dead, we’re both dead

These are big drug dealers

Why don’t you tell them that you only loan the money on the 1st of the month

You don’t screw with them man, they’ll take us down like that

What is wrong with you, is everything a joke

You killed a man, I mean what the hell didn’t you understand Willie

You were supposed to steal his wallet, you killed a man

Oh, was that a joke

I did you a favour man

I had a life, I had it all

From such a height, but so far to fall

You took all I had, torn apart at the seams

You’ve taken from me everything I see, you’ve stolen the dreams

I had a life, I had it all

From such a height, so far to fall

You took all I had, torn apart at the seams

You’ve taken from me everything I see, you’ve stolen my dreams

I had a life, I had it all

If there is anything more I”

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