Lyrics for Stronger Than My Fears by Dave Stewart and Shel from the album Just Crazy Enough

LYRICS FOR Stronger Than My Fears

Stronger Than My Fears
All my fears are running wild
Draging me mile after mile
Think its time I take the reigns
Play the hero for a change

[Verse 2]
Cause Im stronger, stronger than my fears
Over fields of doubt I march
Fighting hard to frame my heart
Still I hear my old fears call
Who are you to stand so tall?

[Verse 3]
Well Im stronger Im stronger than my fears
Every day we have a choice
Fear has nothing but a voice
It may whisper it may scream
Well Im no longer listening
Cause Im stronger, stronger than my fears

4650 - Dave Stewart And SHEL - Just Crazy Enough - The UK - Promo CD - DSE234095