Lyrics for Strange World by Dave Stewart and Abdel Wright from the album Abdel Wright

LYRICS FOR Strange World

Cork your ears if you don’t like what me say
Cork your ears if you don’t like what me say
Me a go spit out the truth
Tired to see the youth them clean car glass
And people a tell them ’bout them claat
They are the future slipping fast
Seems like they only aggravate
Have you ever thought about their case
Actions, navigate their fate

I would like to change, Living in this strange world
I would like to change, Reality sometimes the blame
Living in this strange world, Destiny play games
Area leaders and thugs a run them turf
Now shot a buss to blouse and skirt
Innocent and the guilty getting hurt
Me like to see the ghetto hold the peace
But gunshot a spread like it’s disease
News on tv makes me weep


2458 - Dave Stewart And Abdel Wright - Abdel Wright - The UK - CD - B0001931-02