Lyrics for Starlight by Dave Stewart and Jon Stevens from the album Starlight

LYRICS FOR Starlight

I never let you down, I stood by your side
Why did you go out there
I seen that loneliness in your eyes
All around the world

You didn’t think about it
You couldn’t help yourself
Already too far gone
Another fallen angel
That couldn’t reach the sun
Flying way too high

Starlight breaking through the shadows
Another long night slowly coming down
Starlight everybody loved you
But nobody knows you now

You know that sometimes
I get a little crazy
Sometimes I cry
And it gets hard to breathe
When I think about you all the time
I just gotta say. Say goodbye
You’re on that journey now


So you threw your life away
Couldn’t face another day
But I believed in ya
I believed in ya
No matter what they say
And now your love has gone
It’s hard to carry on
We never got to say goodbye


4997 - Dave Stewart And Jon Stevens - Starlight - Worldwide - CD - LIB203CD