Lyrics for So Bad by Dave Stewart and Nina Hagen from the album Revolution Ballroom


I can be so strong
Like a lion on a mission
I can do no wrong
I can fight day and night
That’s my decision!

Because the world is…

(So bad) Like diet soda
(So bad) I’m counting 37 wars
(So bad) User friendly
(So bad) We lost the singer of the Doors
(So bad) The U.F.O. conspiracy
(So bad) Starvation and depressy
(So bad) Hiroshima Tomsk Tschernobyl
(So bad) It’s never gonna heal

I can be so good
Like a goddess
Plus, I’m modest
I…I have no fear
I will go all the way
I can show you how to pray

Because the world is…

(So bad) Deadly chemotherapy
(So bad) The lies about HIV
(So bad) We’ve lost ou rlast chance
(So bad) And we’re all dancing Shiva’s dance
(So bad) Genetic obsession
(So bad) Misused atomic energy
(So bad) Surprise, surprise, the culture industry
(So bad) Helmut Kohl!

You can do no wrong
If you fight on my side
If you make that decision

Because the world is…

(So bad) I.R.A. and R.A.F
(So bad) Are we really blind and deaf
(So bad) The Yogoslavian rape
(So bad) And no-one can escape
(So bad) The Nazi lunacy
(So bad) Artificial extasy
(So bad) I hate my T.V

So bad..bad…bad…

2154 - Dave Stewart And Nina Hagen - Revolution Ballroom - Germany - CD - ACTIVCD3