Lyrics for Silent Emotions by Longdancer from the album If It Was So Simple

LYRICS FOR Silent Emotions

sitting alone in my living room
with plenty of time to think about you
they’re building a wall that you can’t see through
and then they expect you to know what to do

but it’s nice to know you
to feel that you’re there
like a silent emotion that swims in the air
a strange understanding
that links both our lives
it brings us together from over the miles

endless planning the meetings to come
thinking that surely the time can’t be long
only to watch your dreams sink like a stone
when something comes up and you’re left on your own

take your chances like a man
take what you need to while you can
no-one’ll help you if you’re cast out to sea
you could only become an example like me

0296 - Longdancer - If It Was So Simple - The UK - LP - PIGL 1