Lyrics for Save Me by The Tourists from the album The Tourists


Hooligans, kings, highwayman
We’re all looking for something
Crawling around the underworld dreams
Will you ever forgive the mass
That fill our churches
Let the lord see what’s going on
They think it’s a secret
That all so big function
That everyone knows
Yes everyone knows
Your down on your luck
You ain’t got no ideas
Keep on walking
You might disappear

Save Me
Save Me
Save me from myself

Save Me
Save Me
Save me from myself

There with a lover…
With you and your mother
Somebody in the doorway is selling hideous crime
The world is full of love
And some of it’s ugly
Some of it’s yours baby
Some of it’s mine

0987 - The Tourists - The Tourists - The UK - LP - LOGO 1018